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"In my relationships with women, I've come to see them as friends and allies rather than conquests to be made."

Intimacy and closeness with other people has always been a challenge for me. Friendship with other men has always been colored by my fear that I'm not masculine enough. I know this isn't true, but nonetheless it's a message that's deeply ingrained in my psyche. In relation to women, I pursued sex, thinking that was the only way to intimacy and closeness. Another falsehood, yet another ingrained pattern.

When I first started with Neulia, I was in the grips of both of these lies. As I've gotten older, I began to feel that the time was running out. I needed to figure out why my relationships didn't last, and why they didn't seem to bring the satisfaction I'd always hoped for. This led me to Neulia, and I began a long series of conversations with him. These conversations have greatly impacted my sense of self and where I fit in this world. It's been a long journey, and I'm far from the end of it. Yet, I've learned so much. I've learned that my masculinity is something that I get to define; it's not defined by my dad, nor the culture that I grew up in. While these factors still influence me, I know they do not represent the truth. The truth is simply that my masculinity is unique to me.

In my relationships with women, I've come to see them as friends and allies rather than conquests to be made. I've become willing to be tender and vulnerable with them, and this has led to more fulfillment and happiness.

This is a lifetime journey, and although I've come far already, I look forward to a future where I find even greater courage to be who I am, to share myself, vulnerable though I may be, and to continue to grow closer to others.

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Comments From Couples

George — Thank you for being there for me and now for Joan. The conference call session was awesome! A huge step forward for us. Super great. - Bill

George and Paldrom, Thank you for being there and teaching us about love. We cannot express our feelings of gratitude. - Love, Tom and Barbara


George and Paldrom, I wanted to give (you both) special thanks for all that you have guided us through over the course of the past eight months or so. The care and support we have received is immeasurable and we are truly grateful to you. - Susan