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Paldrom and George Collins
Married to a former sex addict, Paldrom has a thorough understanding of sexually compulsive behavior. Previously a Buddhist nun, her kind and compassionate manner is integral in helping partners resolve their issues of co-dependency and co-addiction.

George is a former sex addict and founder and director of Neulia, by Compulsion Solutions, an outpatient counseling service that helps sex and porn addicts get their lives back. George is also a professional member of the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health.


"By facing that pain and dealing with it head on, I have been able to experience real intimacy and live as my authentic self."

Before working with Compulsion Solutions, my sexual addiction was out of control. I was acting out sexually on a daily basis, and I was not even aware of what I was doing or how it was affecting me. I also didn't realize how my sexually compulsive behavior was affecting my friendships, my intimate relationships, or my career. I was underperforming in my job, often escaping into fantasies or obsessive thoughts throughout most work days.

Since beginning my work with Compulsion Solutions, I have been able to leave my unfulfilling day job to instead start my own successful business doing what I love. I have been able to date women and create healthier intimate relationships. And I have come out of the isolation that my addiction created. I am more social, and engage with my peers and friends regularly.

Compulsion Solutions helped me realize that my addiction was a way to avoid facing pain in my own life. By facing that pain and dealing with it head on, I have been able to experience real intimacy and live as my authentic self. Rather than hide in the shame, anger, fear, or pain, I have been given tools to process and work through it so I can create the fulfilling life that I deserve.

Comments from Couples

George — Thank you for being there for me and now for Joan. The conference call session was awesome! A huge step forward for us. Super great. - Bill

George and Paldrom, Thank your for being there and teaching us about love. We cannot express our feelings of gratitude. - Love, Tom and Barbara

George and Paldrom, I wanted to give (you both) special thanks for all that you have guided us through over the course of the past eight months or so. The care and support we have received is immeasurable and we are truly grateful to you. - Susan

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