Why Specialized Addiction Therapy is Necessary

Men, women, and mental health and addictions professionals who have come to a crossroads regarding porn and/or sex addictions often contact me (a sex addiction therapist). Despite diligently applying themselves to weekly talk sessions or couples therapy, sex or porn addicts will not progress until the root cause of their addiction is addressed. Without the right treatment, the addict will stall out indefinitely — which is incredibly frustrating to both themselves and their partner.

Sometimes it takes time to discover that there is a sex addiction lurking behind other problems, but once the facts come to light, it’s important to get the right kind of treatment. Much like one wouldn’t expect a couple’s therapist to help someone through a heroin detox, they also shouldn’t be expected to help someone overcome a powerful sexual addiction. This is where our practice of specialized and effective treatment comes in.

How and Why Our Therapy Works

We offer sex addiction help to people that others might not want to take on. We work with those who may be impeding their own progress in therapy by not addressing the shame, anger, resentment, and self-doubt attached to their sex addictions.

We give our clients a clear plan of action. We tell them exactly what to do and how to do it. We encourage daily check-ins and phone calls. When someone calls Neulia Compulsion Solutions, he or she doesn’t get a receptionist, but a professional sex addiction therapist who understands and works with addicts every day.

We give sex addict help to people who have hit their rock-bottom moment or fear that they’re about to act out in a way that might harm themselves or others. We can offer help immediately, during the exact crisis moment. From that point on, we continue working together until we are able to break free from their addiction and lead a better life.

Using a combination of cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness training, and elements of psychosynthesis, we introduce our clients to concepts such as “you are not your addiction,” and “you are not your mind.” We teach them to engage in meaningful dialogue with their inner addict, allowing them to reassert control in a very real way. We give them coping skills for when they feel triggered, and provide daily mindfulness exercises they can do to keep them moving forward.

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How We Are Different

I suspect the biggest reason for our success is that we are addicts for addicts. We’ve “been there and done that,” as the saying goes. I, myself, and each of the sex addiction therapists in our practice have walked the path of addiction ourselves. We’ve worked through our own sex and porn addictions and learned the skills necessary to overcome them. As I often tell my clients, “Anything you’ve thought of or done, I’ve also thought of or done, or at least something very similar.”

We treat our clients right where they are because we think it’s important to treat them in the environment where they’re experiencing sexual compulsion. If we were to remove them from that environment, we also remove the opportunity to directly address the triggers they’re encountering every day.

What we do is take a deep dive into the backgrounds and daily lives of the clients we work with, and begin looking for past experiences and trauma that got them to where they are. It is a deeply personal and individualized experience, with plenty of intense emotions and hard work on the part of the person with sex or porn addictions. We are here to assist in situations requiring highly specialized knowledge of a very specific addictive behavior to help each and every one of our clients on their journey to true freedom. If you or someone you love is struggling with sex or porn addictions, reach out to Neulia Compulsion Solutions.

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