Help with Porn & Sex Addiction

We’ve been there, and we know the way out.

We want you to succeed because we know what it’s like to be so wrapped up in your addiction that it consumes you and your whole life. We know what it’s like to lose your family to it. We want to help you–to keep you from reaching rock bottom, or to help you climb back up if you’re already there.

We offer several different programs to help you right where you are. These include:

  • Private Sessions via Phone or Skype
  • Online Group Sessions
  • An Online Video Course

No matter where you live, we can help. Get help now.

*Your information is always strictly confidential. It’s never shared with anyone — ever.

Addiction to sex & porn is
a progressive disease.

It begins early. Maybe you’re a kid in the grocery store and see a magazine cover that reveals a little too much of a woman. Or maybe someone violated you and you felt confused, aroused, and angry. You start to use sex or porn as a soothing mechanism.

Then it takes hold. You start by watching camgirls stripping in front of the camera. Maybe some girl-on-girl heavy kissing.

But then it escalates. Time is spent finding the best angle, the best girl, the best climax. You escalate with more porn. Porn turns into reality. You begin an affair with your pretty coworker. Lies are told to family and friends to cover up what you’re doing. You begin to start believing your own lies. You tell yourself you don’t have a porn addiction.

But the truth is that you do. You have a problem, and it’s defining your life. Everything else gets put on hold to watch porn; your family, your job, your whole life. The truth is that you’re here because you’re wondering why you have this problem. Maybe you’re about to lose your marriage. Maybe you’ve already lost it. Maybe you can’t stay in a relationship at all.

But we’re here to tell you that you can take your life back.
We know you can. Because we’ve been there, and we made it out.

We’re here to tell you that there’s hope. You always have a choice. You can always come back, no matter how far down you’ve been dragged by your addiction. Together, we can bring you to the realization that your addiction isn’t at the steering wheel. You are, and you always have been.


“George, you convinced me that my behavior was never the “real me,” it was my “false self.”

A coping strategy for deep rooted pain. I learned to stop, to forgive myself, and to love myself. To see myself for who I really am. My family and I are forever grateful. Thank you my friend.”
Pete, Toronto, Canada