Alone vs. Lonely

When working with my male clients who struggle with compulsive sexual behavior, one of the common denominators in the reasons they act out is being alone. Particularly if the behavior is pornography addiction where privacy represents one of the conditions for being able to peruse porn in the first place.

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Bad porn or “ethical” porn: is there a difference?

Is there such a thing as “good porn” and “bad porn?” And are you asking from a truly ethical standpoint, or just as an excuse to wack it with less guilt? So is “good porn” a thing? Here are some thoughts to consider. “Good porn” is a tall order that may be hard to fill. For the purpose of this …


Is it bad to watch porn?

Is it bad to watch porn? If you’re asking, I have a sneaking suspicion that you already know the answer. At the very least, many studies agree that regular exposure to porn negatively affects the sexual satisfaction between partners. But why is it bad to watch porn? Porn is everywhere. It seems like everyone is doing it. It’s almost impossible …

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Discreet Ways to Get Sex Addiction Treatment

If you are considering seeking sex addiction treatment, you may feel held back by feelings of embarrassment or shame. You want help, but you don’t want anyone to know that you need help. These feelings are common. Sex addiction counselors and therapists understand the sensitive nature of these struggles, and make your confidentiality their highest priority. Here are some ways …

When Arousal Becomes Frightening

In my work with sex and porn addicted men, I come across a recurring question: “What if something arouses me, but it also makes me really uncomfortable?” A lot of the guys I work with can actually feel fear in response to some things which they find arousing. They might find themselves wrestling with contradictions like “I’m a straight man, …

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When you have a porn addiction relapse: It’s not over

If you are in the midst of a porn addiction relapse, it’s easy to end up in a negative thought spiral. You might feel like a failure. You might feel worthless. You might feel like giving up. But while these feelings are common, that does not make them true. Recovery from any addiction is a process. It’s not 100% all …

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How to Satisfy Your Sex Addiction Symptoms

If you are seeking recovery, your sex addiction symptoms can feel overwhelming. How do you channel that energy and desire in a way that still keeps you on-track? Addiction recovery will never be easy, but it is always possible. Here are a few brass-tacks ways to satisfy your symptoms and stay on the road to recovery. Get a dopamine hit. …

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Hairy palms: Real porn addiction side effects

Are there legit porn addiction side effects? While you won’t actually get hairy palms from masturbating too much, (nor will you go blind), porn addiction side effects are real. But addiction looks different than occasional use, and addiction requires help to overcome. Here are some signs and symptoms that point toward porn addiction: “Sometimes I feel powerless to resist the …

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How to Stop Watching Porn before You Start

So you want to know how to stop watching porn. It’s not easy, but you know what will make it easier? To keep yourself out of porn’s way as much as possible. A key way to break a porn habit it to stop the endless, sweaty cycle of clicking and fapping before it starts. But to do that, you need …

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5 Symptoms of a Sex Addict

The symptoms of a sex addict might surprise you. A sex addict is not a person who loves sex, or has lots of sex, or has a powerful sex drive. The symptoms of addiction are completely different and have very little to do with the actual enjoyment of sex. Here are 5 symptoms to look out for. 5 Symptoms of …

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Bad Advice on How to Quit Porn

If you’ve decided to quit porn, there is a wealth of advice out there about how to make it stick. Some of this advice is great, but some of it is, frankly, hot garbage. Here are a few of the absolute worst ways to go about quitting porn. Go it alone Your pride might be telling you that you can …

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3 Unexpected Benefits of Quitting Porn

Are there any benefits of quitting porn? If you’re struggling with porn addictions, you may be wondering if there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. When things get tough, you need to be reminded of what you’re ultimately fighting for. Here are three benefits of quitting porn that you may not have anticipated. 3 Benefits of Quitting Porn …

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The Top Three Ways to Find Sex Addicts Therapy

Sex addicts therapy is an essential component in your journey towards freedom. No addict can break free in a vacuum. Help, counseling, and accountability are key. Here are some options to get you started. Online support from former addicts You can access support anytime, anywhere. Neulia offers Rapid Results programs that are exclusively online. Learn more about the programs offered …

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What is a sex addict?

What is a sex addict? Well, it’s complicated. Generally, a sex addict is defined as someone who cannot control their compulsive sexual behavior, to a degree that it interferes with their everyday life and relationships. But perhaps it would be better to define what a sex addict is not. 3 Things a Sex Addict is Not 1. A sex addict …

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How to Stop Porn Addiction: The First 5 Steps

If you are wondering how to stop porn addiction, you may be feeling trapped. Addiction is powerful, and overcoming it can feel completely overwhelming. But you are not alone. Addiction can be overcome, and you can start making healthy choices right now. Here’s how to get started:

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Why is porn addicting?

Is porn addicting? Like many other substances and behaviors that cause a dopamine spike in the brain, yes. Our brains are designed to seek the chemical rewards of pleasure, which is what makes it so easy to become addicted to anything that gives us a high-level dopamine hit, whether that be porn, sex, drugs, sugar, or smoking a cigarette.

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Are there porn addiction side effects?

Are there porn addiction side effects? If so, what are they? Can they negatively affect my life? Maybe you’re a habitual porn user who doesn’t like to use the word “addiction.” Everyone looks at porn, right? It’s everywhere and sometimes nearly impossible to avoid. But unfortunately, there are side effects to porn addiction, and they can be more insidious than …

Procrastination and Addiction

-Starve your distractions, feed your focus.” Daniel Goleman Procrastination, defined the action of delaying or postponing something, appears to be a universal human problem. We all struggle to get moving on the next important task—the school or work project, paying our bills, or having a difficult conversation with someone.

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How to Get Help for Sex Addiction

If you are wondering how to get help for sex addiction, you are probably feeling very alone. But you aren’t. Sex addiction is more common than you might think, and it is absolutely a treatable illness. Being a sex addict doesn’t make you a bad person, but it does mean you need help to overcome it. Help is out there, …

How to Deal with Porn Addiction Withdrawal

Is porn addiction withdrawal a thing? Yes, as with any addiction, it is absolutely a real thing. And there are plenty of practical ways to work through this stage in your brain’s healing. Here’s how to get started.