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If your partner is a sex or porn addict, you probably have a lot of questions. Here are some resources so you can get some answers right now…


20 questions to help you determine if your partner is a porn or sex addict.


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You may suspect that a loved one is having trouble with porn or sex addiction. Of course, there is no definitive test that will let you know without question that your partner has an issue with sex addiction or porn addiction.

You may see all of these signs, other signs, or none of them. These behaviors could point to other compulsions, addictions or other issues…  or they could point to an affair. So, let’s get some questions answered right now —

If your partner’s sexual behaviors are causing stress to your relationship, to his connection to friends and loved ones, or to his work then sexual addiction could be a problem. If you feel that the behaviors are getting in the way of experiencing a fulfilling relationship, then it’s time to look into the possibility or porn or sex addiction.

At the end of the day, not everyone fits into cookie cutter forms of “this addiction, that illness, these labels”. The important thing is to identify if someone you love is having difficulty in the area of intimacy, focus and personal presence.


Coupled with certain sexual behaviors and porn use – you can deduce that sex or porn addiction therapy may be a real life-saver for them!

If you are nodding along right now, feeling like this applies to you or a loved one… WE CARE about what it’s doing to YOU and to the person in question. We have BEEN THROUGH IT ALL. 30 years of personal and professional experience. You don’t have to go through this time alone.


Nervous about even THINKING about the prospect of sex or porn addiction?, ask yourself:

“Is this MY Fault??!!”

Answer: No… You Didn’t Cause This, You Can’t Cure It. It’s Not About You. I call these the 7 reassurances:

  1. Your significant other’s sex or porn addiction does NOT indicate lack of love for YOU.
  2. Your relationship is NOT doomed, there is help and treatment for this affliction.
  3. It is not necessary to make a decision regarding the future of your relationship NOW.
  4. Staying with a victim of porn or sex addiction does NOT make you weak. It’s brave.
  5. Leaving does not make you weak either. We all must make our own life choices.
  6. It’s OK to feel angry, betrayed, confused, and hurt. This is not an easy process.
  7. You do not have to isolate yourself. Friends, family, trusted advisors will be there for you.

The basics: what is sex addiction?

Sex addiction is the compulsive tendency to engage in sexual activities, thoughts, or fantasies in a way that hurts the individual, family, friends, and/or work. It gets in the way of relationships and connection, often creating space between loved ones.

The sexually compulsive individual may know that his secret sex life is keeping him from the relationship he wants to have. He just doesn’t know how to interrupt the compulsive actions that are getting in the way…

The pleasure associated with these activities has become an escape, a way for the individual to find pleasure without developing a real connection. This creates a chasm between the addict and loved ones, work, friends etc… as the fantasies replace life’s truly fulfilling elements.

by understanding the impulses and motivations that drive this behavior and gaining understanding about these influences, it is possible to interrupt these destructive patterns and help clients toward a MUCH more fulfilling expression of sexuality. That is what our sex and porn addiction therapy aim to accomplish with clients and families.


It’s time to take some action and get rid of the worry. Contact us or take advantage of some of our free resources above, now. Hesitation will only put more stress on the mind. I look forward to helping you.

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