Your Problem Is An Opportunity

Your failure is a chance to conquer something in your life by better understanding you mind and how your life works. This will alter everything about your life.

Be a CSI with your Addict

As a Compulsion Solutions Investigator (CSI), imagine you are in an abandoned warehouse… check this out

Change Your Entire Life

I’ve been there, through porn addiction. We want to show you how to become your OWN counselor every day.

Multiple Benefits

We turn a negative into a positive in your life, it takes a lot of investigation into what’s happening with you, and we will show you how to do that as well.

How Bad Can It Get?

Fred was compulsively watching porn and lost the woman in his life because he couldn’t connect with her. A co-worker caught him masturbating at work, and he was thinking about suicide…. watch this.

You Can Break the Cycle

After two failed marriages and a rough life… I broke the cycle. Now I help other men get the same result. You think you can’t stop, but you can, and I can help. Here’s a story you need to hear!

Intro Dialogue With Your Addict

Begin your journey here and watch us demonstrate an example of how your “inner addict dialogue” commands your actions many times. I think you will REALLY relate to this.

Don’t Let Addiction Wag The Dog

Porn addiction often tries to wag the dog. The term “wag the dog” is used to describe a situation where something of lesser significance begins to control something of greater significance. So in other words, while it’s usually the dog who is wagging its tail, what if the tail could somehow gain control and wag […]

Taking a Stand Against Porn Addiction

Taking a Stand Against Porn Addiction

Overcoming an addiction, and beginning your journey towards recovery really begins when you learn how to take a stand against your addict self. When you can stand up and declare (either out loud, or silently), that you are now taking back control of your life, your actions and your relationships, you gain a position of […]

One Word — Win!

In my work as a sex and porn addiction counselor, I remain in contact with my clients after the more intensive aspects of their program are finished. As these men move on to a more self-guided recovery mindset, they still encounter struggles or moments of choice. In these moments, they sometimes write to me to […]

Examining Your Personal Timeline of Addiction

Sex and porn addicts can often trace the roots of their addiction back to certain events in their lives. These events may have been embarrassing, shameful, or damaging encounters with sexual feelings when you were younger. They often have a lasting effect on the personality – one that can last throughout your entire life, if […]

Can’t I Just Look at One Site?

signs of porn addiction

I often get asked by men who are either starting in recovery, or considering recovery, “Can’t I just look at one porn site?” Porn addiction is every bit as serious as alcohol or drug addiction, so my answer to that would be another question: “What do you think is going to happen if you look […]

What Is Shame Telling You? (And How Should You Respond?)

Shame is an incredibly powerful emotion. So powerful in fact, that we often find it at the root of the addictive behavior. Shame can eat a person’s confidence and self-esteem, leaving only an empty anger behind. A coping mechanism can easily be born in the heat of intense shame, and as we’ve seen here at […]